Dec 02

Thought you missed your chance for evergreens!?!

teufel farms
We will have a few limited quantity items available Dec. 17th for pick up at the school!
Don’t wait…to reserve yours, please contact Beth Deming: 303-642-0841, beammeupdeming@yahoo.com
or buy online

Local Delivery

dwarf alberta spruce mixed evergreen bouquet Cardinal Centerpiece
Dwarf Alberta Spruce – Small – $15
6”-8” tall in a 4” pot
Adorable living tree in a red pot with decorative presents.

***Only 3 Available

Mixed Evergreen Bouquet – $15
18” long
Nobel Fir, Western Red Cedar, Incense Cedar, Princess Pine, Oregon Juniper and faux berries.

***Only 18 Available

Cardinal Centerpiece – $25
8” x 10”
Noble Fir, Western Red Cedar, Oregon Juniper, Princess Pine, faux holly, berries and a cardinal.

***Only 4 Available

Deluxe Centerpiece Bark Basket Centerpiece Mixed Evergreen Wreath
Deluxe Centerpiece – $25
10”x15” with Noble Fir, Western Red Cedar, Incense Cedar, Oregon Juniper, white Lodge pole cones and faux berries.

***Only 2 Available

Bark Basket Centerpiece – $35
Noble Fir, Green Holly, Oregon Juniper, Princess Pine, Ponderosa cones, faux berries and a plaid bow in a basket.

***Only 3 Available

Mixed Evergreen Wreath – $25
22” diameter
Noble Fir, Incense Cedar and Oregon Juniper wreath accented with Ponderosa cones and a red bow.

***Only 4 Available

Deluxe Wreath western evergreen garland
Deluxe Wreath – $30
26” diameter
Noble Fir and Oregon Juniper accented with Ponderosa cones, faux holly and berries.

***Only 1 Available

Western Red Cedar Garland – $45
25’ feet in length
Perfect size to decorate your
door or banister.

***Only 1 Available