Enrichment Coordinator Handbook

Thank you for volunteering your time to be the Enrichment Coordinator. As the Enrichment Coordinator you will be working closely with the teacher and PTSA to coordinate guest speakers and outside programs that enrich what our kids are learning in the classroom. The PTSA has put together this manual to help guide you through the process. Thanks for making a difference!

Basic Calendar
  • Send an email to the teachers in the teachers to introduce yourself and give them your contact information. Set up a time that you can meet with both teachers to go over classroom enrichment opportunity goals for the year and about which month they will need them. Keep in mind that outside programs that come into the school to do demonstrations could take time to set up and acquire funds.
  • Send a letter (see sample letter at the back of handbook) in the Friday Folder introducing yourself to the parents and ask for a donation of $10.00 for a class enrichment fund to help pay for guest speakers and in school, grade level enrichment programs.
  • Obtain a class email list from the classroom volunteer coordinator. Parents of students can be one of your best assets when looking for guest speakers.
September thru May
  • Research each goal for enrichment that you have talked about with the teacher. If there are several different opportunities, email the teachers to let them decide which one would best meet their needs. If funds are required, talk with the teacher to see if there is enough money in the classroom enrichment fund or if PTSA will be needed to pay for the event. Once you have verified that you have obtained the funding, fill out any paperwork needed to set up the event. Keep in mind that some in-school enrichment programs need at least a month to set up. Please feel free to be creative in your efforts.
  • Please keep a record of the guest speakers and programs that you have set up in the Record Keeping section of this manual.
  • Return this manual to the PTSA Volunteer Coordinator