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March 13: Hydrology Activity for Grades 1-4

Water is essential to all life on Earth, but how much do you know about the water you use? This hands-on after-school activity teaches students concepts of hydrology that will get them thinking about GROUNDWATER, what it is, where it comes from, how it’s stored, what happens when groundwater becomes contaminated. and how to protect this valuable resource.

The COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES is coming to CCCK8 as part of their Community Outreach Program! Students, faculty and staff that work in the field of hydrology and are passionate about community and K-12 education will conduct a fun interactive lesson on March 13 for grades 1-4 from 3:35-4:35. If we have a good turn-out, hopefully we can get them to come back next year for more activities!

The Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center is an internationally oriented information, education and research center for groundwater modeling that is housed in the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering on the Colorado School of Mines campus.

WHEN: Monday, March 13; 3:35-4:35pm
WHO: Grades 1-4 (max. 20 students)
WHERE: Multi-purpose room, CCCK-8

Please contact Linda Duffy at duffy_lm@msn.com with questions.

Reserve your spot in the class by returning your permission slip to the school office by March 10. Class size is limited to the first 20 students who register.

Hydrology Permission Slip