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Youth Athletic Development: Gopherball

This version of Gopherball will get your heart pumping! Similar to dodgeball, your team must eliminate the other team, but each player can get back into the game by completing a physical exercise or obstacle course. The exercises will be taught with good mechanics, variety, and fitness in mind. Come play, have fun, and get fit all at  once!
Taught by Christine Neff, certified by the International Youth Conditioning Association and professional fitness trainer. $20 for 4 Wednesdays April 4-25th. Please submit permission form to the school and e-mail Christine at tineneff@yahoo.com to indicate you will be participating.

What:  SuperFit Gopherball
Who: Grades 4-8
When: Wednesdays, April 4-25
How much:  $20

Gopherball Permission Slip