Volunteering at Coal Creek Canyon K-8 is a great way to give to our local students while keeping your interests alive. CCC K-8 invites both parents of children at the school as well as community members to volunteer in many ways. The most common volunteer opportunities are:
• Regular Classroom Support
• Guest Speakers
• Field Trip Chaperones
• At home support
• After-school club (sports included)

Regular Classroom Support – Regular classroom support gives adults the opportunity to have a regular schedule in a classroom of their choice. Teachers of all grades welcome volunteers in the classroom most days of the week with the focus most often being in the following subjects:

Literacy – help students with reading and writing

Read aloud – read to students in a group setting

Math – assist students with math

Science – support teachers with science instruction and classroom management

Guest Speakers – In an effort to support learning and enhance the curriculum provided by our fabulous teachers at CCC K-8, the PTSA is compiling a database of community members and parents who would like to come into the classroom and share their experiences in various subject matters. If you have some level of experience with a particular subject that relates to the curriculum, we would love to have you come in and share your real world experiences. We hope that this database will grow over time, so feel free to let us know what subjects you would like to share and we’ll add you in.

Community Volunteers please contact Shawn Linsacum for a Community Volunteer packet at 303-982-3409 or slinsacu@jeffco.k12.co.us

Three for Me

is a PTA program designed to effectively involve parents and families in support of children and their education. This program will help PTAs and parents find different ways to volunteer at home, in school, and in the community—all which support student learning. This way, parents can volunteer when they have time during the day, in the evening or on the weekends.

Make a promise to our children and to our school! A promise to volunteer three hours of your time during the course of the year, at or on behalf of our school. If you have more than one child at our school, a commitment of three hours per family is all that we ask. All adults (e. g. parents, guardians, grandparents) are encouraged to participate.

What counts toward my promise? There are numerous volunteer opportunities which will fulfill your commitment. Throughout the school year you will be notified via notes/emails from teachers, PTA Parent Express emails, PTA newsletter and PTA website of upcoming opportunities to fulfill your hours. Here are a few examples of what counts towards your hours:

  • Classroom Volunteer
  • Event Volunteer
  • Donate needed items
  • Donate food for events
  • After school program volunteer
  • Attend PTSA meeting
  • PTSA Committee

Classroom Volunteers

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. ~Franklin Delano Roosevelt Did you know that when parents and community members are involved in the school students generally earn higher grades, score better on tests, adapt more easily to school, and graduate at a higher rate? …

Eagle Eyes

Men:  Eagle Eyes Needs You to Volunteer One Day This Year! Eagle Eyes needs dads, uncles, granddads, and other male guardians to monitor bus drop, patrol school and perimeter, help at lunch and play at recess, and participate in classroom activities. Your presence will increase achievement, increase security, decrease bullying, improve attendance, increase healthy behavior, …

Help Wanted

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. ~Elizabeth Andrew To make all the programs and events possible the CCCK8 PTSA needs volunteers. The following is a list of open chair and committee members. Many of these volunteer opportunities can be done from home or at night. Please review the following …

Job Descriptions

PTSA Job Descriptions Board Positions President Time Commitment: 8-12 hours per month, varies Busiest Times of Year: beginning of the year but flattens out; additional special projects • Manage overall objectives and strategies of PTA (including fundraising objectives, community building events, educational events, etc.) • Act as liaison between parents and principal / staff • …

Volunteer Handbooks

Please use the following guides to help you understand the responsibilities for each role as a PTSA Volunteer. PTSA Room Parent Handbook PTSA Classroom Volunteer Coordinator Handbook