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Help Wanted

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. ~Elizabeth Andrew

To make all the programs and events possible the CCCK8 PTSA needs volunteers. The following is a list of open chair and committee members. Many of these volunteer opportunities can be done from home or at night. Please review the following and find the best fit for you.

Leadership Positions:

Health & Wellness Co Chairs
The Health & Wellness Committee strives to encourage the physical, social, emotional, and mental health of all students. They will be responsible for setting events like Health & Wellness Week and Mileage Club. Christine Neff has agreed to help with the transition to new leadership and the PTSA Online sign up service will be available to help recruit parent volunteers for events.

PTSA Fundraising Co Chair
A lot can even be done at home since most PTSA fundraising is done through events. This position may research new opportunities for fundraising and may help pursue grants.

PTSA Membership Chair
The Membership Chair recruits members to the PTSA organization. He or she documents members, including a twice annual report that are due to Colorado PTA. Recruitment can mostly be done from home via email, through our website and Friday Folder flyers. For major events in the beginning of the year we do set up a membership drive table for parents to sign up at.

PTSA Male Engagement Chair
The Male Engagement Chair is a new role to support our goal in engaging more men in volunteering at the school. He or she will organize activities that specifically welcome men in participating in the school environment

Special Events Chair for Parent Education
Manages the Parent Education programs and ensures we are offering programs that helps parents advocate for our kids, learn about the specific curriculum, and understand how to support kids with homework.

PTSA Legislative Chair
PTSA Legislative Chairs monitor legislative activity around public education, then shares that information and opportunities with the school community.

PTSA Co Volunteer Chair
The Co-Volunteer Chair supports the Classroom and Community Volunteer Chair coordinate all the classroom volunteer coordinators. This may involve tracking volunteer activity, recruiting volunteers and organizing volunteer appreciation events. This is all done at home via email with our online sign up service Sign Up. There is some time needed to do set up at the beginning of the year, then it tapers off to 1 to 2 hours a month.