May General Membership Meeting


Our PTSA General Meeting is Monday, May 4th at 6:30 pm. C3AC will start at 6 pm.
Agenda: Please click here to view the agenda for the May meeting. We will be discussing upcoming events, deciding next year’s PTSA board, voting on the proposed bylaw changes and reviewing the progress on our goals. This is the last meeting of the school year, so we hope to see you there!

Here are a few things to review before the meeting:
Notes: Click here for the proposed April meeting minutes.  Please review before the meeting, so we can approve during the meeting. If you have any changes or edits, please contact Joanna Waggoner,

Proposed Bylaw Changes:
Click here for the current organizational bylaws for the CCCK-8 PTSA. Based on recommendations of a bylaw committee formed last year as well as Colorado PTA review of our bylaws, we are proposing the following changes. We will be voting on these changes at the May 4th General Membership meeting. Changes will be approved with a 2/3 vote of members present at that meeting.

Proposed Changes are as follows:

Article V, Section 3
Change total amount of each member’s dues from $5.75 to $15.
Reason: We currently pay $6.25 per member to the Jeffco, Colorado and National PTA. $5.75 would not cover those costs. Our current dues are $15 per member which can be modified at any regular general membership meeting.

Article VI, Section 3a
Added list of appointed officers: Principal, Teacher Representative, Student Representative and Community Representative
Reason: these officers serve on our board, but are not elected by membership. Previous bylaws did not list these specific officers, so we are just detailing who they are.

Article VI, Section 6
Reduced nominating committee member requirement from five to 3
Reason: for a small community, finding five volunteers for even a temporary committee is difficult. A committee of three can still be quite effective to identify candidates for our future board.

Article VII, Section 3c
Added “In accordance with document retention requirements”
Reason: recommended language change from Colorado PTA

Article VIII, Section 6
Changed language to exactly match National and Colorado PTA requirements
Reason: required change as a National and Colorado PTA member organization

Article IX, Section 2
Listed specific standing committees of our PTSA
Reason: Nominating, Finance and Membership committees are a requirement of the national and Colorado PTA. The rest of the committees had not been previously listed, so we added them here.

Article X, Section 3
Changed election meeting from April to May
Reason: to be consistent with Article VI, Section 2

Article XI
Added entire article on electronic meetings
Reason: recommendation from Colorado PTA

Article XII
Added entire article on Council Membership
Reason: requirement of Colorado PTA as a participating organization in the Jefferson County district.

Due to the addition of the above articles, we updated the article numbers of Articles XI – XV accordingly

Article XIII, Section 1
Added language about second dues report and payment
Reason: to match language requirements by Colorado PTA

Article XIV, Section 3
Changed language to match Colorado PTA requirements
Reason: to match language requirements by Colorado PTA


We look forward to seeing you Monday night!