Free Family Music Workshop with Mr. Rasch

WhenFriday, January 22nd, 6-8 pm.

What:  A super-fun set of activities where kids will use a piece of literature to write songs, design a musical playground, design board games (or video games), perform music and dance, make art (sculpture and drawing).

Who:  Any student K-3 (MUST be accompanied by a parent to help them through the activities), any student grades 4-8 ( with or without a parent) and other family members who wish to attend as well.

Where:  The CCC K8 Gym

Why:  These activities are designed to inspire kids to be more creative, have more fun with literacy, math, art, music,… You name it!  We may have more events later, but kids will take more and more responsibility for later events.

Materials we need kids to bring: 

Clean, empty plastic or metal containers with lids (milk jugs, Tupperware, spice bottles, coffee cans, etc.), dried beans or pebbles for shakers, string, and of course, musical instruments (that you play or are learning to play).  Art supplies, paper, paints, modeling clay or Play-Doh, construction paper, scissors, glue, paperboard or cardboard, and tape (duct, masking, or invisible).

Please RSVP to Mr. Rasch at   Please include the following info:

# of kids planning to attend ______________ Grade Levels:  ___, ___, ___

# of parents planning to attend ____________

Mr. Rasch will also answer any questions you might have.