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10/13/16 Friday Notes



Feedback Request:

At our meeting last week, we were discussing our goals for the year.  We had previously decided that one of our goals should be around fundraising.  In a year when district funds are more limited than they have been previously, that made sense.  In order to make it a SMART goal, we want to target the fundraising goal for a specific item.  We did not come to a conclusion about what that would be though, so we want your feedback.  What do you think would be the most important thing that we fundraise for during this school year?  This is not to say that we won’t fundraise nor fund other items.  This is just about where we should focus our efforts, and to some degree it will help us figure out HOW we should fundraise depending on the amount we need to raise.  Some ideas that were thrown out (but are not limited to!):

  • Personnel (para-professionals is all we are allowed to fund legally)
  • Instructional materials
  • Technology equipment
  • Professional development
  • Another shed
  • Greenhouse
  • STEM supplies (i.e. weather station, 3D printer)
  • Enrichment (field trips, assemblies)

Please let me know what you think.  Tell us on Facebook or email  Feel free to speak to any of the PTSA board to let us know your thoughts, too.  We appreciate your feedback.

PTSA Upcoming Events:


Trick or Treat Street

Friday, October 28th
6 – 8:30 pm  Grab your friends and wear your costumes for an evening of Halloween and Fall Season fun!  This event features a warm meal, lots of games, Booville, storytelling and the famous ‘Haunted Halls’. This is a major fundraiser for CCCK-8 PTSA and helps fund the learning environment enhancements we want to bring to the school.  Dinner is $5 per person.  Activity wristbands are $5 per person for all activities.

Save the Dates:
10/19 – Child Assault Prevention Workshop – 6 pm
10/25 – Ralston Valley Trick or Treat Street
10/28 – CCCK8 Trick or Treat Street

Help Wanted:
Field Day: Thursday, October 13th.  Mr. Mauler needs help throughout the day, and the kids need some snacks to sustain their energy.  If you are able to help, please sign up at

Trick or Treat Street:
Trick or Treat Street is a BIG event for us.  We have a couple ways that you can help make this event a success for the school!
Classroom Candy Contest:
We need your help in making sure we have enough candy for our Trick-or-Treat street on Oct 28.  The grade that brings the most candy in (by weight) will get an extra recess on the day of their teachers choosing.  Candy will be accepted until Thursday Oct 27th.
Donate Food, Volunteer Time:
You can help us with this very important fundraiser by donating food or volunteering at the event.  There are LOTS of ways you can help, so find the perfect spot(s) for you on our sign-up form:  Sign up early to get the best spots!


Stay tuned on our website or on our Facebook page for more information on upcoming programs. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Jody Dickson, President           303-642-3568