Health & Wellness News

We are excited that we have created a schedule of activities to help encourage students, staff and parents to participate in activities geared toward health and wellness.

We hope you will be able to join us in creating a community that values growth as we all learn about ways to increase our health and wellness, physically and emotionally.

We are going to kick off this month with an attitude of gratitude. This has not been an easy year, but as it comes to an end, let’s try to focus on what went well as we have meaningful bonding time with our children.

Open this 20 Days of Gratitude Challenge Board to participate. It’s easy, just choose one item each day to complete with your children for 20 days. At the end of the 20 days, you will hopefully feel happier, closer to your family members and excited for what the New Year brings. Just think if our whole community completes 20 days of gratitude!

Our goal is to have everyone complete all the activities on the board by December 7th. The last activity is to write to your child’s teacher to let them know how amazing they are. Let them know you finished the 20 Days of Gratitude Challenge Board and continue to use it if it has been a useful exercise.

Look for our next Health & Wellness activity in December!