PTSA Room Parent Handbook

Thank you for volunteering to be the Room Parent for your child’s class. As the Room Parent you be working with the teachers to set up the Class Parties. The PTSA has put together this handbook to give you ideas and help you plan your parties but please feel free to be creative in your efforts.

Thanks for making a difference!

Basic Calendar
  • Email the teachers with your contact information and to find out if they have the dates for the class parties.
  • Send an introduction letter to the parents and ask for voluntary donations to buy crafts for the parties.
  • Email or meet with the PTSA Volunteer Coordinator to set up an online sign up with Volunteer Spot.

Halloween Party


Holiday Party


Valentines Party


Fill out the Record Keeping part of this handbook and return to the PTSA Volunteer Coordinator.

Getting Started
  1. The first step is to email or meet with the teachers.
    • Try and do this as soon as possible so you may discuss what parties they would like to have for the year. Try to obtain specific dates and times if available.
    • Inquire about the number of students, any known food allergies and what type of food and crafts the teachers prefer to have.
  2. Distribute a letter to the classroom parents introducing you as the Room parent and requesting classroom donations for parties.

At the beginning of the year, room parents send home a letter of introduction to the parents and ask for a one time donation to cover the cost of crafts for the parties. We find that you get a better response if you send it home in the Friday Folder. Food and paper goods requests should be made one week prior to the parties.

Sample introduction letter

Dear Parents/Guardians,
My name is (insert name) and I have volunteered to be the Room Parent for Grades 3-4. I will be helping the teachers with coordinating the class parties. We will be using Volunteer Spot, an on line sign up, to inform you of opportunities to donate food, paper goods and volunteer for the parties. Typically we have a craft and or activity at the party. In order to fund this, we ask that each family donate $5.00 to the class party fund. Please send your donation in a sealed envelope with my name on it in your child’s Friday folder.
Your Name
Your email
Your phone Number

Organizing Class Parties
  1. Obtain a list of Parent emails from the Classroom Volunteer Coordinator.
  2. Set up an online sign up
  3. Send out an invitation to all the parents on the class email list with information about what food, volunteers and paper goods are needed.
  4. Purchase any crafts needed for the party
  5. On the day of the party arrive at the school about a half hour early for set up
Volunteer Spot (now SignUp) set up

You will need to register with SignUp and set up a password.

  1. Go to
  2. Look on the right hand side of the blue toolbar and click on register.
  3. Under “I would like to register an organizer account”
  4. Finish filling out the requested info.
  5. Once you have completed registering, email the PTSA Volunteer Coordinator that you have an account and they will set you up as the organizer for the class parties. This can be done in person or via email.

At the beginning of the year, you may want to set up volunteer spot sign up for all the Parties for the year then you simply have to remember to send out an invitation to all the parents one week prior to the party. Volunteer spot will then automatically send the parents a reminder two days prior to the party.

We highly recommend that you view the online tutorials available at Volunteer Spot (www. After you have viewed the tutorials you can start setting up your online sign up. If you have any questions or just would like support setting up the class parties please feel free to call or email the PTSA Volunteer Coordinator.


What to set up

Depending on the teacher’s preferences, you may l need:

  • Paper plates
  • Napkins
  • Silverware
  • Cheese and cracker tray
  • Fruit tray
  • Sweets
  • Drinks
  • Party Volunteers for set up and clean up, supervision and support.


Record Keeping

Please keep a record of the parties that you hosted in the back of this handbook. Please include the crafts or activities you planned and what worked well and not so well, as well as, any other notes you think will help with the next years planning.